Name Lists
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Inventors and Discoverers
This list of names will help you brainstorm name possibilities. Click on a name to read about its origin and meaning.
Boys Girls
Albert Einstein
Theory of relativity
Alexander Graham Bell
Art Fry
Post-it Notes
Benjamin Rubin
Vaccination needle
Carl Sontheimer
Chester Carlson
Clarence Birdseye
Commercial frozen food
Earle Dickson
Edwin Land
Polaroid photography
Elias Howe
Sewing machine
Galileo Galilei
Planets revolve around sun
George Washington Carver
Peanut butter; agriculture improvements
Henry Ford
Assembly line auto production
Sir Isaac Newton
Telescope; the three laws of physics
Jerome Lemelson
Bar code readers; cassette players
Johannes Gutenberg
Moveable type
Jonas Salk
Polio vaccine
Levi Strauss
Blue jeans
Louis Pasteur
Discovered germs; pasteurization process
Martin Cooper
Modern cell phone
Ole Evinrude
Outboard motor
Percy Spencer
Microwave oven
Pierre Lorillard
Ralph Samuelson
Samuel Morse
Schulyer Wheeler
Electric fan
Thomas Edison
Tim Berners-Lee
World Wide Web
Walt Disney
Feature-length animated films
Whitcomb Judson
Early zipper
Willis Carrier
Air conditioning
Alice Parker
Gas furnace
Ann Moore
Snugli baby carrier
Anna Keichline
Combined sink and washtub; first female architect
Barbara Askins
Film processing system
Bette Graham
Liquid Paper
Beulah Henry
Bobbinless sewing machine
Carol Wior
Slimming swimsuit
Frances Gabe
Self-cleaning house
Gertrude Elion
Leukemia-fighting drug
Grace Hopper
Computing improvements
Harriet Tracy
Safety elevator
Josephine Cochran
Julie Newmar
Ultra-sheer pantyhose
Lillian Russell
Dresser trunk
Margaret Knight
Flat-bottom bags
Marion Donovan
Disposable diapers
Marjorie Joyner
Permanent hairstyling system
Martha Coston
Signal flares
Mary Dixon Kies
Weaving process
Mary Phelps Jacob
Patricia Bath
Medical improvement
Patsy Sherman
Ruth Handler
Barbie doll
Sarah Boone
Ironing board improvement
Stephanie Kwolek
Sybilla Masters
Corn mill
Virginia Apgar
Newborn screening system
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