First name origins & meanings:

  1. Old English: Bent nose
  2. Old English: Bent nose

First name variations: Kamea, Cameo, Cam, Cami, Camyron, Camryn, Cameron, Caimile, Camilla, Camila, Camelia, Camillia, Kamilla, Kamille, Mila, Camille, Cami, Kammie, Kammy, Kamelia, Kamille, Kami, Camaeron, Camedon, Camren, Camryn, Camry, Camyron, Kameron, Kamrey, Camren, Camron, Cameron

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English (of Norman origin): habitational name for someone from Caen in Normandy, France.
  2. English: habitational name from Cam in Gloucestershire, named for the Cam river, a Celtic river name meaning ‘crooked’, ‘winding’.
  3. Scottish and Welsh: possibly a nickname from Gaelic and Welsh cam ‘bent’, ‘crooked’, ‘cross-eyed’.
  4. Americanized spelling of German Kamm.
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