First name origins & meanings:

  1. English: Bright as day
  2. Hebrew: Valley
  3. English: One who comes from Denmark; a variant form of “Danish”
  4. Norse: From Denmark

First name variations: Danna, Danae, Dayna, Daina, Danah, Danice, Danella, Daena, Daenah, Danaia, Danean, Daneana, Dana, Dena, Denaé, Deana, Deeyn, Denah, Dene, Denea, Deney, Denai, Denay, Denee, Deneé, Denna, Daine, Dakin, Daen, Dain, Dayn, Dene, Daina, Danah, Dayna, Dana

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English: variant of Dean or Dence.
  2. French (Dané): ethnic name for someone from Denmark.
  3. Dutch: variant spelling of Daane.
  4. Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Déaghain ‘descendant of the dean’, but also of English origin, a variant of Dean.
  5. Hungarian (Dáné): from the personal name Dániel, Hungarian form of Daniel.

Famous people with this last name: Eric Dane

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