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First name origin & meaning:

American: Light and hope

First name variations: Audie, Audra, Audrah, Audre, Audree, Audri, Audria, Audriah, Audrie, Audry, Audrye, Audrea, Audree, Audrya, Audryah, Etheldreda, Audrey, Birdie, Bird, Birde, Birdea, Birdella, Birdena, Birdi, Birdy, Birdee, Cade, Cadee, Cadi, Cadie, Cadye, Caidie, Kade, Kadee, Kadi, Kadie, Kady, Kayde, Cady, Cassady, Kassidy, Cassidy, Claudia, Claudie, Cleta, Clyde, Claudella, Claudelle, Claudetta, Claudina, Claudine, Claudy, Clodia, Klaudia, Klodia, Claudette, Delia, Cordy, Kordelia, Cordelie, Cordella, Cordelle, Cordi, Cordie, Cordy, Delie, Della, Kordelia, Kordella, Kordelle, Cordelia, Day, Dodi, Dody, Doda, Dode, Dodea, Dodee, Dodia, Dodiah, Dodya, Dodyah, Dodie, Heidy, Haidee, Heida, Heidea, Heidee, Heydy, Hidea, Hidee, Hede, Hedee, Hiede, Hiedi, Hydi, Heidi, Hindah, Hindie, Hindy, Hynda, Hyndah, Hinda, Indeah, Indee, Indiah, Indi, Indie, Indya, Indiya, Indea, India, Jode, Jodea, Jodele, Jodell, Jodevea, Joedee, Joedi, Joedie, Joedy, Johdea, Johdee, Jowdie, Jo Dee, Jodie, Jodi, Jodee, Johdea, Johdee, Johdi, Johdie, Johdy, Jowdee, Jowdi, Jowdy, Jody, Sara, Sari, Sarri, Sary, Sarrie, Sarene, Sarina, Sarine, Sarita, Sairne, Sarett, Sadie, Zarah, Zara, Zaria, Sarah, Caide, Caden, Caiden, Cayden, Kade, Kaden, Kayde, Codi, Codie, Cody, Coty, Cade, Daiton, Daeton, Daythan, Daython, Daytonn, Dayton, Declan, Deakin, Deicon, Deke, Deacon, Deane, Dino, Deen, Deene, Dene, Dyn, Dyne, Dean, Dandrae, Dandre, Dandray, Dandras, Dondrea, Deandrae, Deandres, Deandrey, Deeandre, Deiandre, Dondre, Deandre, Deiter, Dieter, Gradea, Gradee, Gradi, Gradie, Graidee, Graidi, Graidie, Graidy, Graydee, Graydee, Grady, Hardin, Harden, Harding, Hardley, Hardee, Hard, Hardi, Hardie, Hardy, Jodie, Jodiha, Joedee, Joedi, Joedy, Jody, Kodee, Kodi, Kodie, Kodye, Kody, Larn, Larndelle, Larne, Larnell, Paddee, Paddi, Pady, Paddy, Randahl, Randel, Randull, Randall, Randal, Shadee, Shady, Shayd, Shade

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English: variant of Day 1 and 2.
  2. German: topographic name from a field name in North Rhine-Westphalia, denoting a sizeable piece of land.
  3. Welsh: from Dai or Dei, pet forms of the personal name Dafydd, Welsh form of David.
  4. Indian (Bengal and Orissa) and Bangladeshi: Hindu (Kayasth) name, probably from Sanskrit deya ‘suitable for a gift’.
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