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Faythe girl

First name origin & meaning:

Old French: Fairy

First name variations: Faithful, Fidelity, Faeth, Faethe, Faithe, Faith, Faiza, Faizah, Faelyn, Faelynn, Failyn, Failynn, Felyn, Falynn, Farah, Farra, Farria, Farriah, Farrya, Farryah, Farya, Faryah, Farrah, Fey, Fae, Fai, Faie, Fei, Feya, Feyah, Feye, Faiola, Faiolah, Feyla, Fedra, Phadra, Phaedra, Phedre, Phedra, Fagen, Faegen, Faegin, Faegon, Faegyn, Faigen, Faigin, Faigon, Faigyn, Fagan, Fairfield, Fair, Fax, Fairfax, Faisel, Faisil, Faisl, Faiyaz, Faiz, Faizal, Faizel, Fasel, Fasil, Faisal

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English: nickname for a person believed to have supernatural qualities, from Middle English, Old French faie ‘fairy’ (Late Latin fata ‘fate’, ‘destiny’).
  2. English: nickname for a trustworthy person, from Middle English, Old French fei ‘loyalty’, ‘trust’.
  3. English (of Norman origin) and French: habitational name from any of various places in France named with Old French faie ‘beech’, or a topographic name from someone living by a beech wood. Compare Lafayette.
  4. Irish: variant of Fahey.
  5. Irish: variant of Fee.
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August 29, 2014

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