First name origin & meaning:

Old French: Fairy

First name variations: Bufee, Buffee, Buffi, Buffie, Buffye, Bufi, Bufie, Bufy, Buffy, Dorothea, Dorotea, Dorothee, Dorthy, Dortha, Dottie, Dot, Dotson, Dolly, Dolley, Dasya, Doortje, Dorathee, Dorathey, Dorothi, Dorathie, Dorathy, Dordei, Dordi, Dorefee, Dorethie, Doretta, Dorolice, Dorothie, Dorika, Doritha, Dorka, Dorle, Dorlisa, Doro, Dorlice, Dorosia, Dorota, Dorothey, Dorottya, Dorte, Dosi, Dossie, Dosya, Do, Doa, Dotea, Dotee, Dotey, Doti, Dotie, Dott, Dottea, Dottee, Dottey, Dotti, Doty, Dorothy, Faye, Fae, Fai, Faie, Faya, Fayah, Fayana, Fayette, Fei, Fay, Fayola, Faiola, Faiolah, Fayolah, Fayla, Taffea, Taffee, Taffi, Tafy, Taffy, Duff, Duffie, Duffy

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English: variant of Fay.
  2. Southern French: topographic name for someone who lived by a beech tree or beech wood.
  3. German: nickname for a vagrant, from Middle High German vēhe ‘enmity’, ‘strife’.
  4. German: from a popular medieval pet form of the female personal name Sophie, honored as a martyr and saint.
  5. Danish: unexplained.

Famous people with this first name: Tina Fey

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