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First name origin & meaning:

Old German: Youthful

First name variations: Aidee, Aide, Aleda, Aletta, Alette, Allidia, Alidia, Brigetta, Brigette, Brigitte, Brighid, Brigid, Britta, Brita, Britte, Brit, Biddy, Brie, Bree, Birgit, Birgitta, Brigada, Brigita, Birgit, Brietta, Breanna, Brianna, Briana, Brianne, Brienne, Bryanne, Brid, Bridget, Candi, Candide, Candie, Candy, Carissa, Carita, Chareese, Charis, Charissa, Charisse, Charita, Charitee, Charitey, Charitye, Chariza, Charty, Cherri, Cherry, Sharitee, Sharitey, Sharity, Sharitye, Carita, Caritas, Karita, Cordia, Cordie, Charity, Chasaty, Chasity, Chassity, Chasta, Chastina, Chastine, Chastitee, Chastitey, Chiquita, Chastity, Elfreda, Elfredda, Elfreeda, Elfreyda, Elfriede, Ellita, Ellitia, Ellitie, Elita, Flora, Flor, Floria, Florie, Floris, Florrie, Fleur, Flower, Florenz, Florentia, Flory, Floryn, Flossie, Flo, Florence, Frideborg, Fryda, Frydah, Frydda, Fryddah, Friede, Fredie, Freda, Friedah, Winifred, Freide, Freydah, Freyda, Frieda, Heidy, Haidee, Heidea, Heidee, Heidey, Heydy, Hidea, Hidee, Hidey, Hede, Hedee, Hiede, Hiedi, Hydi, Heidi, Idena, Ide, Idys, Idette, Ita, Idda, Idetta, Idella, Yda, Ydah, Idelis, Idelys, Jara, Jareata, Jareatah, Jareet, Jareeta, Jareetah, Jaretta, Jari, Jaria, Jariah, Jarika, Jarina, Jaytta, Jaryte, Jarytte, Jarita, Kaleedus, Kali, Kareeda, Karita, Khalidda, Khalita, Ledah, Lita, Leda, Leedah, Lyda, Lucie, Lucia, Luce, Lou, Lu, Luza, Luz, Luciana, Lucianna, Lucianne, Lucienne, Lucile, Lucille, Lucette, Lucy, Madah, Mada, Maidie, Maidy, Mady, Maidel, Mayda, Maggie, Maggy, Magee, Mag, Margery, Margareta, Margarita, Margita, Margory, Marjorie, Marjory, Marget, Margret, Margette, Margalo, Marguerite, Margiad, Margherita, Margarethe, Maergrethe, Margaretha, Margalith, Mairghread, Margo, Marjoe, Marga, Margot, Margaux, Marge, Margie, Marta, Madge, Mamie, Maymie, Maisie, Meg, Meggie, Midge, Gretchen, Gretel, Gretle, Greta, Grete, Garet, Peg, Peggy, Reta, Rita, Margaret, Naiad, Naia, Naiia, Nayad, Nyad, Nataly, Natalee, Nataleigh, Natalia, Natalya, Nataline, Nathalia, Nathalie, Noel, Noelle, Novella, Natasha, Natosha, Natashi, Tosha, Tosh, Natasa, Natashia, Natalja, Natassia, Nastassia, Netty, Nettie, Natty, Tally, Tallie, Tasha, Talia, Natalie, Nedda, Neddy, Ned, Nedjelko, Nedo, Neda, Pelika, Philis, Phillis, Philliss, Phillys, Phylis, Phylliss, Phyllis, Ragnhilda, Ragnhilde, Ragnilda, Renilda, Renilde, Ragnhild, Rasheda, Rasheeda, Rasheddah, Vay, Vada, Veed, Vedad, Vedah, Devis, Veeda, Vita, Veda, Veda, Veeda, Vidette, Vieda, Vita, Vitia, Virdis, Viridia, Viridiana, Viridis, Waheeda, Wylda, Wilda, Zada, Zai, Zenais, Zina, Aden, Adin, Adian, Aiden, Aedan, Adan, Davidde, Davide, Davina, Davita, Dave, Davey, Davy, Davie, Davi, Davyd, Davis, Davidson, Dawes, Dawson, Dewi, Dewey, Devlin, Devi, Devid, Dabi, Daevid, Daevyd, Dafydd, Daived, Daivid, Daivyd, Dauid, Dav, Daved, Daveed, Davidd, Davidek, Davido, Davood, Davoud, Davydas, Davydd, Davyde, Dayvid, Deved, Devid, Devidd, Devidde, Devyd, Devydd, Devydde, Devod, Davison, Davyson, Dawed, Dawud, Dawyt, Dawit, Dawid, David, Dove, Dovi, Dowid, Dovid, Dov, Haider, Haydar, Hyder, Leo, Leone, Leosko, Leonato, Leon, Leonidis, Leonid, Sherr, Shuridun, Sheridon, Vidos, Vid, Videl, Videlio, Vite, Vitalis, Vitas, Wahid

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English and German: from Ida, which is found as both a male and female personal name in English but only as a female name in German. This is of continental Germanic origin and was popular among the Normans, who brought it to England. Its etymology is disputed: it is thought by some to be of the same origin as hild- ‘battle’, ‘strife’; by others to be of the same origin as Old High German idis ‘(wise) woman’, or from Old Norse idh ‘work’, ‘activity’.
  2. Japanese: ‘rice paddy by the well’; habitational name from Ida-mura in Musashi (now Tōkyō and Saitama prefectures). Variously written and found mostly in eastern Japan and the Ryūkyū Islands.
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August 31, 2014

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