First name origins & meanings:

  1. Arabic: Beloved
  2. Hebrew: Crown of laurels
  3. Hebrew: Crown of laurels
  4. American: Bright; beautiful
  5. Irish, Scottish, English: Slender; keeper of the keys
  6. Arabic: Laurel
  7. Aborigine: Boomerang
  8. Latin: Rejoice; variation of Gaius
  9. Welsh, German: Rejoicer; fort; joyful
  10. Welsh, German: Rejoicer; fort; joyful

First name variations: Cace, Cacee, Cacia, Cacie, Cacy, Casee, Kacey, Kaci, Kacie, Kacy, Kasey, Kasie, Kassie, Kecia, Keesha, Keisha, Kesha, Keshia, Kesia, Kisha, Kizzy, Cacey, Cade, Cadee, Cadey, Cadi, Cadie, Cadye, Caidie, Kade, Kadee, Kadi, Kadie, Kady, Cady, Caitlyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Catalina, Catelyn, Caitlan, Caitlynn, Caitlin, Cacey, Cacia, Cacie, Caisee, Caisey, Caisi, Caisie, Casee, Casi, Casie, Caycee, Caycey, Cayci, Caycie, Caysee, Caysey, Caysi, Caycie, Casey, Casey, Casie, K. C., K. Cee, Kace, Kacee, Kaci, Kacy, Kasey, Kasie, Kacey, Kacia, Condra, Connie, Conny, Kacon, Kacond, Kaecondra, Kakondra, Kacondra, Cady, K. D., Kadee, Kadie, Kady, Kaelan, Kaelen, Kaelinn, Kaeylynn, Kaelynne, Kaelin, Kaelin, Kailyn, Kaelyn, Kalee, Kaili, Kailie, Kailey, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Kaitlan, Kaitland, Kaitlin, Kaitlynn, Kailyn, Kaitlynne, Kait, Katie, Katlan, Kaitlyn, Kalauni, Kaloni, Kalani, Kahlea, Kahleah, Kailea, Kaileah, Kallea, Kalleah, Khalea, Khaleah, Kalea, Kahlei, Kailei, Kallei, Khalei, Kalei, Cailey, Cailie, Caylie, Kailey, Kaililah, Kaleah, Kalela, Kalie, Kalilah, Kaly, Kyle, Kylila, Kylilah, Kalila, Kalinna, Kalina, Caylisa, Kaleesa, Kalisha, Kalisa, Karan, Karen, Karyn, Kasia, Katja, Kasen, Kassia, Katoka, Katrien, Kara, Kaea, Kaja, Kaila, Kailyn, Chaeli, Kalula, Kelulah, Keluila, Kelylah, Kyla, Kyle, Kelila, Leigh, Kylie, Caide, Caden, Caiden, Cayden, Kade, Kaden, Codey, Codi, Codie, Cody, Coty, Cade, Cai, Caio, Keye, Keyes, Keys, Cais, Caius, K. C., Kace, Kacee, Kase, Kasee, Kasy, Kacy, Caiden, Cayde, Caydin, Kaden, Kadin, Kaid, Kailyn, Kale, Kalen, Kaley, Kalin, Kailen, Kailin, Kail, Kalolo, Karolo, Kale, Cayman, Caymun, Kame, Kammy, Kamon, Cance, Cans, Kaince, Kans, Kanse, Kance, Cathan, Kaine, Kain, Keyne, Cane, Cain, Caine, Kainen, Kane, Kai, Keh, Cavan, Kavan, Kave, Makaio

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. English: nickname from Middle English ca ‘jackdaw’, from an unattested Old Norse . See also Daw.
  2. English: nickname from Middle English cai, kay, kei ‘left-handed’, ‘clumsy’.
  3. English: metonymic occupational name for a locksmith, from Middle English keye, kaye ‘key’. Compare Care, Kear.
  4. English: topographic name for someone living on or near a quay, Middle English kay(e), Old French cay.
  5. English: from a Middle English personal name which figures in Arthurian legend. It is found in Old Welsh as Cai, Middle Welsh Kei, and is ultimately from the Latin personal name Gaius.
  6. Scottish and Irish: reduced form of McKay.
  7. French: variant of Quay, cognate with 2.
  8. Much shortened form of any of various names, mostly Eastern European, beginning with the letter K-.
  9. Variant of Danish and Frisian Kai.
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