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First name origin & meaning:

Chinese: Cultured, ornamental

First name variations: Brandy, Brandee, Brandi, Bronwyn, Brandea, Branddeece, Brandei, Brandyse, Brandie, Kerridwyn, Edwynna, Edwinna, Edwyna, Edweena, Edwine, Edwina, Guenevere, Gwyneth, Gwyn, Guenn, Gwynne, Gwyndolyn, Jennifer, Guinevere, Roweena, Roweina, Rowina, Rowana, Wandis, Vanda, Wanda, Windy, Winonah, Winona, Winona, Winonah, Wynnona, Wynonah, Tolkien., Bowie, Bowan, Bowin, Bowon, Bowyn, Bowynn, Bronwyn, Darwyn, Darwynn, Derwin, Derwynn, Darwin, Edwyn, Eadwinn, Edwan, Edwon, Edwin, Ewan, Ewart, Ewing, Gawaine, Gauvain, Gawayn, Gawayne, Gwayne, Gwayn, Gawain, Kirwin, Kerwyn, Kerwin, Norvin, Norwind, Norwinn, Norwin, Owyn, Ewan, Owaine, Owan, Owayne, Owin, Owine, Radwin, Radwon, Radwan, Rowe, Rowell, Rowley, Rowson, Rowan, Svend, Svenson, Svensen, Sven, Wazlaw, Vaclav, Venceslas, Vyacheslav, Vencel, Warn, Warwun, Wedel

Last name origins & meanings:

  1. Chinese: there are two sources for this character for Wen, which also means ‘warm’. One is a territory named Wen, and the other an area named Wenyi. Descendants of rulers of these areas adopted Wen as their surname.
  2. Chinese: from a character that also means ‘literature’. Its origin, however, is from the given name of an ancient personage called Wen.
  3. Chinese: from a character that also means ‘hear’. During the Spring and Autumn period (722–481 bc), in the state of Lu there existed a man who has a supplementary name, Wenren. His descendants adopted the first character of his name, Wen, as their surname.
  4. English: unexplained.
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September 1, 2014

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